Premiere Pro Templates

Adobe Premiere Pro templates can help you quickly craft great-looking scenes, effects, and graphics for your videos.

These templates can help with creating compelling typography, video openers, title slides, actual video slideshows, and much more. They’re a fantastic time-saver, and a useful thing to have in your Premiere Pro toolbelt.

Our feature covers what these are and how to use them, along with collections of our favorite Premiere Pro templates for all manner of different uses and scenarios.

Templates can make video projects a lot quicker and easier. With Adobe Premiere Pro templates, you can save time and energy when editing video files for almost any type of job.

And the good news is that templates are available for all kinds of editing needs. Templates can do anything from help create captions or titles with great typography, add intros and outros to videos and create video slideshows. (Plus, a lot more.)

Using templates in Premiere Pro can help jump-start projects and improve workflows. Here’s how you can make the most of templates with this video editing tool.

What Is Premiere Pro?

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing tool that’s use by people in various industries, including marketing, film production, television and for the web. It’s an industry-standard tool with plenty of features and works with other native Adobe applications.

Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Suite line of products and is included in cloud packages. It can also be purchased as a single app.

Premiere Pro allows for video editing in any modern format and works with other native Adobe apps and files.

Some nifty features include precise and simple color grading options, ability to enhance audio instantly, create infographics with templates and support for VR 180.

What Are Premiere Pro Templates?

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Motion graphic templates allow you to add packaged controls and designs in Premiere Pro for more robust video editing and effects. Users can download and install a template file (the motion graphics file type is appended with .mogrt) or create and reuse their own.

There are a few motion graphics templates that come standard with Premiere Pro, but you can find plenty of others below in our roundups and as part of an Adobe Stock or Envato Elements subscription.

You can find existing templates in the local templates folder or Creative Cloud libraries folder. (It is also recommended to save any you create here as well.)

The best thing about a Premiere Pro template is that it can streamline workflows with elements you use frequently or help you to design an element (such as a title, caption or other animation) with ease. And you’ll have an idea of how it will look before you get started.

How to Use Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Using templates in Premiere Pro is much like using them in any other Adobe tool. After you download the template and save it to your computer, you want to import the template or preset. (Look in the Local Templates folder.)

For motion graphics templates, open the icon at the bottom of the Essential Graphics panel and find the template you want to use. Then open and it’s ready to use right from the panel. (You can perform the same function using drag and drop.)