Icon Preview

Ultimate Free iOS 15 Icon Pack: 150 Minimal Icons

We've created a set of 150 beautiful, minimal icons to give your iPhone a stunning visual refresh. All these iOS icons are completely free, provided in black and white variations to mix and match.

You can either choose our free iOS icon pack (which includes every icon in black), or the $9 pro icon pack for every iOS icon, in every color!

You can read on to find out how to use iOS icons, see a full preview, or just dive in and download them right away. No email address needed. No catches. Just a stylish pack of iOS icons!

Option 1: The Free Pack

The free pack includes:

  • 150 iOS icons for different apps
  • Black versions
  • Perfectly sized for your iPhone screen
  • Regular updates and additions

Download Free Icon Pack

Option 2: The Pro Pack

Red iOS Icons Blue iOS Icons Purple iOS Icons White iOS Icons Teal iOS Icons Black iOS Icons Beige iOS Icons

Want the full, pro icon pack? For just $9, you can get the entire set that includes all of the above, plus:

  • Black, white, beige, blue, purple, red, and teal icon versions
  • Original PSD and SVG versions to make your own variations

Get the Pro Icon Set

Suggest a New Icon

We make regular monthly updates and additions to the iOS icon pack over time. Is there a particular app or icon you'd like to have added? Let us know!

Suggest an Icon

1Password iOS Icon 1Password
3 Dots iOS Icon 3 Dots
4 Dots iOS Icon 4 Dots
Add iOS Icon Add
Adjustment iOS Icon Adjustment
AirBnB iOS Icon AirBnB
Alert iOS Icon Alert
Amazon iOS Icon Amazon
Among Us iOS Icon Among Us
Android Store iOS Icon Android Store
Android iOS Icon Android
Aperture iOS Icon Aperture
App Store iOS Icon App Store
Apple Logo iOS Icon Apple Logo
Apple Pay iOS Icon Apple Pay
Battery iOS Icon Battery
BBC iPlayer iOS Icon BBC iPlayer
Behance iOS Icon Behance
Bluetooth iOS Icon Bluetooth
Book iOS Icon Book
Busuu iOS Icon Busuu
Calculator iOS Icon Calculator
Calendar iOS Icon Calendar
Camera iOS Icon Camera
Cloud iOS Icon Cloud
Focus iOS Icon Focus
Checklist iOS Icon Checklist
Chrome iOS Icon Chrome
Clock iOS Icon Clock
Compass iOS Icon Compass
Credit Card iOS Icon Credit Card
Deliveroo iOS Icon Deliveroo
DeviantART iOS Icon DeviantART
Discord iOS Icon Discord
Disney Plus iOS Icon Disney+
Dot List iOS Icon Dot List
Dot Bubble iOS Icon Dot Bubble
Dribbble iOS Icon Dribbble
Dropbox iOS Icon Dropbox
Eject iOS Icon Eject
Evernote iOS Icon Evernote
Messenger iOS Icon Messenger
Facebook iOS Icon Facebook
FaceTime iOS Icon FaceTime
Find My iOS Icon Find My
Fitness iOS Icon Fitness
Flickr iOS Icon Flickr
Folder iOS Icon Folder
Football iOS Icon Football
Forward iOS Icon Forward
Foursquare iOS Icon Foursquare
Gallery iOS Icon Gallery
Gmail iOS Icon Gmail
Google iOS Icon Google
Google Auth iOS Icon Google Auth
Google Docs Icon Google Docs
Google Drive iOS Icon Google Drive
Google Meet Icon Google Meet
Google Photos Icon G. Photos
Graph iOS Icon Graph
Grid View iOS Icon Grid View
HBO Max iOS Icon HBO Max
Heart iOS Icon Heart
Home iOS Icon Home
Hulu iOS Icon Hulu
Inbox iOS Icon Inbox
Instagram iOS Icon Instagram
Keynote iOS Icon Keynote
LastPass iOS Icon LastPass
Letter iOS Icon Letter
LinkedIn iOS Icon LinkedIn
Map Pin iOS Icon Map Pin
Menu iOS Icon Menu
Microphone iOS Icon Microphone
Microsoft Excel Icon MS Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint iOS Icon MS PPT
Microsoft Teams iOS Icon MS Teams
Microsoft Word iOS Icon MS Word
Music iOS Icon Music
Netflix iOS Icon Netflix
News iOS Icon News
Night Mode iOS Icon Night Mode
Notes iOS Icon Notes
Notion iOS Icon Notion
Numbers iOS Icon Numbers
OS X iOS Icon OS X
Overcast iOS Icon Overcast
Padlock iOS Icon Padlock
Pages iOS Icon Pages
Pause iOS Icon Pause
PayPal iOS Icon PayPal
Phone iOS Icon Phone
Piano iOS Icon Piano
Pinterest iOS Icon Pinterest
Plane iOS Icon Plane
Playstation iOS Icon Playstation
Podcasts iOS Icon Podcasts
Pokemon Go iOS Icon Pokemon Go
Prime Video iOS Icon Prime
Procreate iOS Icon Procreate
Radio iOS Icon Radio
Recording iOS Icon Recording
Reddit iOS Icon Reddit
Ribbon iOS Icon Ribbon
Safari iOS Icon Safari
Search iOS Icon Search
Settings iOS Icon Settings
Security iOS Icon Security
Shopping iOS Icon Shopping
Shortcuts iOS Icon Shortcuts
Skype iOS Icon Skype
Slider iOS Icon Slider
Watch iOS Icon Watch
Snapchat iOS Icon Snapchat
Speaker iOS Icon Speaker
Speech iOS Icon Speech
Spotify iOS Icon Spotify
Steam iOS Icon Steam
Stop iOS Icon Stop
StumbleUpon iOS Icon StumbleUpon
Telegram iOS Icon Telegram
TikTok iOS Icon TikTok
Tinder iOS Icon Tinder
Translate iOS Icon Translate
Tumblr iOS Icon Tumblr
Twitch iOS Icon Twitch
Twitter iOS Icon Twitter
Uber Eats iOS Icon Uber Eats
Unsafe iOS Icon Unsafe
User iOS Icon User
Play iOS Icon Play
Video iOS Icon Video
Vimeo iOS Icon Vimeo
Watch Video iOS Icon Watch Video
Waze iOS Icon Waze
Weather iOS Icon Weather
WeChat iOS Icon WeChat
WhatsApp iOS Icon WhatsApp
Windows iOS Icon Windows
Wi-Fi iOS Icon Wi-Fi
Xing iOS Icon Xing
YouTube iOS Icon YouTube

How to Use Our Free iOS 15 Icons

Here's how to use and apply new icons in just a few quick steps:

1 Download the icons

If you haven't already, download the icon pack above on your phone (or elsewhere), and save it to "Files" on your iPhone so you can access the folder from your device (or you can save it to "Photos" if you'd prefer)

2 Open the "Shortcuts" app and tap "+"

You'll be creating a "Shortcut" to your app, which will add a new icon for it on your homescreen that adds a new way to get to your app.

3 Tap "Add Action"

Add Action

4 Tap "Scripting"


5 Tap "Open App"

Open App

6 Tap "Choose"

At this step, choose the app you'd like to create your new icon for.

7 Tap the "Share" icon at the bottom

Tap Share

8 Tap "Add to Home Screen"

Add to Home Screen

9 Tap the "Icon" button

Tap Icon Button

This will bring up a file picker for you to choose your new icon for the app. This might be in "Files" or "Photos", depending on where you've saved the icons in Step 1.

You'll also need to enter the name you'd like to appear for your app on the home screen (but you can leave this blank if you prefer a more minimal look).

10 Tap "Add", then "Next" at the top right

Tap App

The new icon will now be on your homescreen, but there's just one more step to tidy things up!

11 Name your shortcut, tap "Done", and you're finished!

12 Repeat this process for each icon you'd like to add