App Templates

A first-class mobile app is a must-have product for many companies. People are attached to smartphones, mobile-first design is a key philosophy, and the user experience of mobile software improves dramatically every year.

App templates can help you get a quick start with your next mobile app mockup, UI design, or implementation. This feature will help you find the best mobile app templates for your next project, across a huge range of different niches, industries, and design styles.

What is an App Template?

app templates

An app template is a ready-made file packed with all the design resources you need to create an app design and get ready to push it to live production. You can think of an app template as being a lot like a theme for a website design.

App templates include elements such as dynamic layout options, themes, ability to create and push to a live ap, banner styles source blocks for content creation, ability to build an app based on a platform such as iOS or Android, and all the design tools you need to complete the process.

App templates may integrate with other online tools, such as payment options for ecommerce, notifications, or gaming tools.

App templates are different than wireframing or design templates in that an app template is made for the actual creation process. Wireframing and design templates are more for ideation. App templates can be used to push a project into actual production.

Why Use an App Template?

The primary benefit of using an app template is quick development. If you need to get an app up dan running quickly, a template can be a real time-saver.

An app template will save time when it comes to writing code and provides a framework for building an app. You can even find templates that have features and designs based on the kind of app you want to build, with all of that functionality already baked in.

Other reasons to use an app template include:

  • App development cost savings; less development time results in lower development costs
  • Quicker time to launch
  • Pre-made design modules make visualization and design fast
  • Bug-free code; check reviews and grab a template from a reputable developer for best results

3 Best iOS App Templates to Try

The ideal app template is rooted in the function you want as well as the platform you plan to launch on. While many app templates have iOS and Android options, that is not always the case. Here are three awesome templates for iOS apps that can work for different types of projects.


app template ios

Universal is a multi-purpose app template for iOS that has screens and content configurations for almost anything you can imagine. It’s a code-free template that comes with tools for in-app purchases, notifications, and advertising.

WoWonder iOS Messenger

app template ios

WoWonder is an app template that you can use to create a chat app. The app tools let users register, send and receive messages, and share images and sounds.

Food Delivery

app template ios

Food Delivery uses the Flutter framework and Laravel (PHP) for a robust food delivery app solution. The app template includes the ability to link multiple restaurants and even has a built-in management directory system. It works with Google maps and tools you are probably already comfortable with.

3 Best Android App Templates to Try

If you want the most flexibility with an app template, look for an option that has some multipurpose features. While specific industry apps can make development a lot faster, they may lack some of the flexibility you want. Look at both types of app templates before making a selection. Here are three great Android app templates to consider.


app template android

This app template is designed to help you turn a website into a fully-usable app. It’s packed with features and tools that you expect from apps, such as notifications, ratings, and functionality options.


app template android

RocketWeb is a configurable tool that you can use to build an Android app without a programming language. It’s designed for people that want to create their own web app quickly with tools that are intuitive and easy to use, including video tutorials.

Quiz Online

app template android

Build and customize a quiz app on Android with this customizable template. The template includes all the tools you need to design a custom app as well and special screens for login, admins, and custom packaging.