Business Templates

Not all business templates are created equal. Designing a polished and professional document or proposal can make a huge difference to the impact it has (and there are thousands of high-quality templates to explore if you aren’t a designer by trade).

We’ll be walking you through the types of things to consider when creating or choosing a template for your next business document. From what to include on a business proposal to where to find the best templates for a digital marketing or SEO proposal.

The best thing about business templates is their versatility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re crafting a proposal for a new marketing initiative, a financial investment, or a national event. You can apply the same basic principles to create something that looks great and captures the attention of the reader in no time.

What is a Business Template?

business template

A business template is any premade document, flyer, proposal, presentation, or designed piece of collateral that can be used for corporate purposes. A template can help you determine what information should go in a certain collateral element and provide design inspiration.

Business templates are ready-made packages that you can fill in with content to help meet your business needs quickly. Business templates are available for a variety of software programs and should help you create documents, proposals, or presentations with a professional look and feel quickly.

5 Uses for Business Templates

business template

Business templates can have a lot of practical applications for many companies, especially small businesses, as they develop a set of brand collateral.

The best thing about a business template is that it includes a highly professional and polished design in a format that you can easily edit and make your own.

Uses for business templates include:

  • To create and codify branding and corporate identity
  • To create an event or sponsorship package
  • To create reports or information for marketing or marketing proposals
  • To create business plans or proposals
  • To create business presentations or pitches

5 Reasons a Business Template Can Help You

business template

While you can create many business documents from scratch, using a template comes with many benefits. One of the most important of these might be time savings. A template should facilitate the quick creation of a business document thanks to a ready-made design and starter information.

Other reasons to use a business template include:

  • They are easy to use. Starting with a request for proposals template or a business plan template can help you understand what information you should consider in the creation of the business document.
  • Templates can help you save time and money. Rather than starting with a consultant for a business proposal or documentation, a template includes everything you need to get started at a low cost. And they are quick to use and have your information ready to showcase.
  • Increase team flexibility with template documents. Templates allow multiple people to work on the same files without every document looking different or taking a different approach. The starting point is always the same.
  • Templates innately provide design consistency with a common set of colors, fonts, photo treatments, and other design elements and rules that ensure documents all have the same visual style.
  • They can help you reduce errors with brand language, such as a boilerplate, built into the template. Error reduction is important for teams with multiple people working from the same templates. Just make sure to correct your business templates for future use if you make changes.

Get Started with the Right Business Template

With so many business templates to choose from, it can be tough sometimes to find the right one. We have created collections of business templates for different purposes to help make finding the right one a little easier.