140+ Best Video Title Templates

Craft compelling video titles with our video title templates. These offer a range of styles and animations to introduce your video topics in an engaging way.

FAQs About Video Title Templates

What exactly are Video Title Templates?

Video title templates are ready-to-use graphic layers that help to stylize and enhance the titles or texts in videos. These templates can greatly simplify the process of adding professional-looking titles to your videos. They come in various shapes, designs, and styles, and are editable which means you can modify their colors, fonts, sizes, positions, etc. to fit your brand or style.

Whether you are creating a short film, a business presentation, a social media ad, or a YouTube tutorial, video title templates can give your content a more polished and professional touch. They can be used right at the beginning to introduce the video, during transitions, or at the end as credits or call to action.

Why should I use Video Title Templates?

Firstly, video title templates save you a considerable amount of time. Designing aesthetic titles from scratch can be quite time-consuming whereas with templates, you just need to choose your favorite design and adjust it to your liking. This allows you to focus more on the content of your video.

Secondly, quality titles can add value to your videos. They can grab viewers' attention, make your videos look more professional, improve readability, and effectively convey your message. Video title templates provide you an easy and efficient way to achieve this.

How can I use Video Title Templates?

To use video title templates, you first need to select a template from the library or catalogue in your video editing software. Once you have selected the template, you just need to customize it. This usually involves changing the text, adjusting the font, size, color, and position, and sometimes adding effects.

You can then preview the title to ensure it fits with your video before finalizing and exporting your video. Each software will have a slightly different process and may offer different features, so it's a good idea to get familiar with your chosen software's user guide or tutorial videos.

Can I use Video Title Templates in any video editing tool?

Most video editing tools, especially those targeted at beginners and intermediates like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Filmora, do provide a variety of video title templates. However, the availability, quantity, and customization options of these templates can vary depending on the software.

If you don't find the templates provided in your software sufficient or suitable for your needs, there are also online platforms like Envato Market and Motion Array where you can buy or subscribe to get additional professional-grade templates. You just need to ensure the templates you get are compatible with your video editing tool.

Are there different types of Video Title Templates?

Yes, there are various types of video title templates available to cater to different purposes and styles of videos. These include basic titles, lower thirds, end credits, subtitles, captions, text overlays, motion graphic titles, and even specific ones like news broadcasts or documentary-style titles.

Some templates might include animated text or elements, while others may be static. The templates could also have different themes and designs depending on whether they are intended for a corporate presentation, a YouTube video, a wedding film, a promotional ad, and so on. It's all about finding the template that aligns best with the styling of your video and the message you want to convey.