35+ Best Corporate Brochure Templates

A professional, corporate brochure template can be a great starting point for a piece of marketing material that promotes your brand. Whether you’re keeping customers informed, marketing a new product, or selling your services, these business brochures can help you stand out.

FAQs About Corporate Brochure Templates

What is a Corporate Brochure Template?

A corporate brochure template is a ready-made document design typically used for the purpose of advertising and promoting a company's products, services, and brand. These templates often contain professionally designed layouts, graphics, typography, and other elements, specifically tailored to meet the needs of corporate businesses.

These templates provide a starting point for creating a company's promotional material. They are designed to be customized with the business’s own information, imagery, and branding, to present a professional and unified image to existing and potential clients.

Why Should a Company Use a Corporate Brochure Template?

Customizing a corporate brochure template is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to produce a professional-grade brochure but lack the design resources or time to do so from scratch. With these templates, the main structure and design elements are already in place, which simplifies the creation process.

Moreover, these templates are usually designed to meet the standards of professional design and communication. This ensures businesses can produce a high-quality, visually appealing, and effective brochure without needing to have advanced graphic design skills or tools.

Where Can Corporate Brochure Templates Be Found?

Corporate brochure templates can be found on various online platforms that offer graphic design resources. Some popular options include Adobe Stock, Canva, Envato Market, and Creative Market. These platforms usually offer a wide range of style and format options, catering to different business types and needs.

Besides, there are also dedicated design agencies and professionals that offer custom-made corporate brochure template services. These can provide a more personalized service, with bespoke designs that cater specifically to a business's unique brand identity.

How Can a Corporate Brochure Template Be Customized?

Customizing a corporate brochure template typically involves replacing placeholder text and images with a company's content. This could include corporate information, product images, descriptions, testimonials, and contact information. Most templates have clearly marked areas where you should add your content.

Additionally, many templates allow you to change colors, fonts, and other design elements to match your company's branding. Depending on the template and the design software you're using, you might also be able to move or adjust design elements, change the layout, or add new sections or pages.

What are the Different Types of Corporate Brochure Templates?

There are several types of corporate brochure templates designed to fit various business needs. Bi-fold and tri-fold brochures are popular due to their compact size and ease of distribution. Booklet brochures can provide more extensive information about a company's products or services and are great for trade shows and mailings.

Additionally, you can find specialized brochure templates for specific industries or business types, such as technology companies, healthcare providers, or real estate agencies. Some templates also target specific purposes like product catalogs, portfolio showcases, or event promotions.