15+ Best Realistic Lightroom Presets

Achieve natural-looking enhancements with our realistic Lightroom presets. These tools provide subtle changes, improving your photos without making them look overly edited. Perfect for photographers preferring a natural, authentic aesthetic.

FAQs About Realistic Lightroom Presets

What are Realistic Lightroom Presets?

Realistic Lightroom Presets are pre-set editing settings, designed for Adobe Lightroom software, about color balancing, contrast, brightness, and other visual elements that help achieve more natural and realistic effects on your photos. They're created to help photographers streamline their workflow and quickly achieve professional results without manual tweaking of every setting.

These presets can dramatically transform an image while maintaining its natural feel. Ideal for various types of photography including portrait, landscape, travel, etc, these presets can bring out the true essence of the captured moments with a single click.

How can I Install Realistic Lightroom Presets?

Installation steps can vary slightly depending on the Adobe Lightroom version you're using. Typically, after purchasing or downloading the presets, you will receive a .zip file. You need to unzip this. Now, open Lightroom and go to 'Develop'. On the left, you will see the 'Presets' panel.

Click the '+' icon and choose 'Import Presets'. A window will open where you need to browse for the unzipped preset files (with .lrtemplate or .xmp extension) on your computer and select them. Once imported, these presets will appear under the 'User Presets' category in the 'Presets' panel.

Can I Use Realistic Lightroom Presets on Both JPEG and RAW Files?

Yes, Realistic Lightroom Presets can be used on both JPEG and RAW file formats. However, applying these presets on RAW files is often recommended to get the best results. This is because, unlike JPEGs, RAW files capture all the data from the sensor, offering broader possibilities for adjustments without quality loss.

Even though it's possible to use the presets on JPEGs, the effect may not be as pronounced or accurate. It is because JPEG is a compressed format, and some image information might have been lost already.

Why are My Photos Not Looking as Expected after Applying Realistic Lightroom Presets?

There could be several reasons for this. Every photo is different in terms of light, color, and detail, so a preset may not work perfectly on all images. It is also possible that the preset might need some fine-tuning according to the specific condition of your photo.

Remember, presets are the starting point of editing; you may need to adjust exposure, white balance, shadows, highlights, etc., after applying the preset to get the desired effect. Experiment, tweak, and make adjustments as necessary to achieve the best results.

Can I Create My Own Realistic Lightroom Presets?

Yes, you can create your own Realistic Lightroom Presets. After editing an image to your satisfaction, you can save those settings as a preset. Click on the '+' icon in the 'Presets' panel and select 'Create Preset'. Name your preset and choose the settings you want to include in it.

This way, you can apply the same setting to any other image with a single click. Creating your own presets not only helps to maintain consistency across your work, but it also speeds up your editing process.