20+ Best VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects

Achieve the popular mobile photography aesthetic with our VSCO Photoshop actions and effects. These tools mimic popular VSCO filters, perfect for giving your images a modern, stylish look that's ready for social media.

FAQs About VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects

What are VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects?

VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects are a collection of filtered effects that can be applied to photos for a distinct, aesthetically pleasing look. VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company, which was famous for creating these presets initially for Lightroom and then for Photoshop with the introduction of actions. These VSCO Photoshop Actions mimic the company's popular film emulation presets that were used in lightroom.

The idea behind these actions and effects is that they simulate the look of traditional film photography. They can be used to create a stylized, vintage, professional, or moody presence in your photos with just a few clicks. Capturing the characteristic elements of various film stocks, VSCO Actions & Effects have become a favorite amongst many digital photographers.

How do I apply VSCO Actions & Effects in Photoshop?

To apply VSCO Actions & Effects in Photoshop, first, load the Actions into Photoshop. You can do this by going to the ‘Window’ menu, selecting ‘Actions’, and clicking on the menu icon in the corner to ‘Load Actions’. Once the Actions are installed, they can be found inside the "Actions" panel, which can be switched on from the "window" menu in Photoshop.

To apply an Action to your photo, select the photo layer you want to work with, then click on the Action you want to use from the Actions pane. Finally, press the ‘Play’ button to apply the action. It's important to note that all Actions are fully editable and non-destructive, meaning you can modify them or roll back the effect completely if you change your mind.

Can I modify the VSCO Actions & Effects once applied?

Yes, the beauty of VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects is that they are designed to be fully editable. Once you apply an Action, it opens up all the layers and adjustments within Photoshop. You can then go into each of these layers and adjustments to modify them according to your preference.

Whether you want to tweak the colors, texture, contrast, or any other aspect of the image, you can do so. This offers a great deal of creative control after the initial, one-click effect is applied. Bear in mind, each adjustment you make after applying the Action will further diversify the resulting image from the original preset.

Are VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects suitable for all kinds of photography?

VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects offer a wide range, giving a whole host of different looks to suit various photo styles. Whether you're working with portraits, landscapes, urban scenes, or still-life photography, chances are there's a VSCO Action already designed with that specific aesthetic in mind.

However, it's important to remember that not all Actions will work well with every photo. Each photo has its unique set of colors, lighting, and composition, and some Actions may suit certain images better than others. It's all about experimentation and finding the right preset that resonates with your creative vision.

Is VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects compatible with all versions of Photoshop?

VSCO Photoshop Actions & Effects are generally compatible with the various versions of Adobe Photoshop, including CS and CC versions. However, some specific Actions might require certain features available only in the later versions of the software.

If you run into a compatibility issue or if the Action does not function as expected, it's a good idea to check the documentation provided with the Actions for any particular version requirements. Also, keeping your Photoshop software updated will significantly minimize any compatibility issues.